Frequently Asked Questions

What is Silver Snowball's Money Back Guarantee?

Return any product within 30 days of date of purchase for a full refund. Refund will be made in the same manner you paid i.e. if you paid by credit card we will credit that same card for the amount paid.

How do I cancel a subscription?

Notify Silver Snowball by writing to admin @ (without the extra spacing). You will get a confirmation by email within 24 hours. To be sure we have received your email please make sure we have responded to your request within 24 hours. This will stop all future recurring billings for subscriptions. It does not automatically give you a refund for orders already processed.

Is my subscription automatically done on a recurring billing basis?

Yes. You do not have to "renew" every month. Subscriptions are processed on an "autoship" basis (also called "recurring billing") unless canceled by the subscriber.

When is my subscription processed each month?

On the monthly anniversary of the day you joined. For example if you join on the 15th of the month the next autoship would be on the 15th of the next month. That might change slightly during "short" months.

Can I change the amount of silver I'm getting each month?

Yes. Just contact us at admin @ or call us at 617-694-7790. Let us know what you want to do and we can help you. 

Is the subscription price guaranteed to stay the same?

Should the price of our product go up, like any business we would have to adjust our price or product to adapt to market conditions. We haven't raised prices in years and would notify you in advance should silver prices skyrocket enough to justify a price change. It is always your choice whether to continue.

What would happen if there were no more silver available?

We'd guess the silver you've already accumulated would gain a lot of value :-) But we also assume there will usually be some to be found. Should market conditions become extreme, regarding either price or availability of product, Silver Snowball would have to make adjustments to the current product line. The important thing is we keep the silver coming to you. We keep it in an affordable price range so you can steadily build long term wealth.

Will I get new or old silver?

New. They are freshly minted, investment grade quality silver rounds.

Is this available WORLD wide?

We can now ship to USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, NORWAY, SWEDEN, SWITZERLAND, NETHERLANDS, GERMANY, AUSTRIA and IRELAND. Due to import value restrictions on precious metals please limit SINGAPORE orders to two rounds per order and SWEDEN orders to one round per order. 

Start getting 4 Bit Silver today. Order your first .999 fine Silver right now.

Silver Snowball 4 Bit Silver Subscription: A simple way to automatically accumulate silver. You receive monthly a 1/2 oz (4 Bits) .999 Fine Silver Walking Liberty Divisible Round. No obligation, cancel anytime. Special Bonus - You also also receive SS News - our exclusive insight into what's going on in the financial and precious metals markets. To order more than one Silver Round click on Add to Cart then change the quantity. You may order 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 a month.

Silver Snowball 4 Bit Silver Subscription

Price $35.50

Note - After your order successfully processes you will be emailed a confirmation that your silver will ship out within one business day. Your card will not be charged until your order is ready to ship.
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